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1st Smart Keystroke Recorder 9.6 (2013-06-01)
Smart Keystroke Recorder is an excellent monitoring tool.
1 Smart Protector - Internet Eraser 12.5 (2013-05-28)
Erase history, cache, cookies and all other tracks of your Internet activities.
KeyboardLocker 3.6 (2013-05-28)
Disables keyboard until exit phrase entered, mouse remains active
Cerberus Security Guard 4.0.8 (2013-05-27)
Cerberus Security Guard is a software which guards against system attacks
WX WinLocker 8 (2013-05-27)
Windows Locker Application
Easy Hide Files 3.07 (2013-05-26)
Easy Hide Files allows hiding files and folders from viewing, accessing ...
Family Cyber Alert 5.04 (2013-05-16)
Record everything your family does online and offline, including keylogger
Office Cyber Alert 5.04 (2013-05-16)
Record, archive, and review your PC and Internet activity.
Easy Hide Files 3.06 (2013-05-16)
Easy Hide Files allows hiding files and folders from viewing, accessing ...
Auto Backup Files 1.0 (2013-04-29)
Automatically backup your files!
Mac Spy Software Download (2013-04-24)
Mac Spy Software Download records multiple user accounts invisibly
Kiosk Software 2.0.2 (2013-04-15)
Kiosk software converts computers into self-service kiosk with WiFi HotSpot
XP Firewall Commander 4.1.6 (2013-04-10)
XP Firewall Commander is a friendly control interface for Windows XP Firewall
PC TIME LIMIT PRO (2013-03-30)
It lets you specify when exactly and how long the computer can be used
Eusing Maze Lock 2.5 (2013-03-27)
Eusing Maze Lock uses a pattern based technique to lock your computer.
True System Security Tweaker (2013-03-24)
It is a security utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows operating system
SQL Database Repair 5.5 (2013-03-22)
Get SQL Database Repair Tool to Fix Corruption Issue in SQL Server
afreekeyloggerPro 1.0 (2013-03-15)
AFreeKeylogger has been designed to be one of the best keyloggers.
Bulletproof Public PC 7.71 (2013-03-14)
Comprehensive solution to produce public PC and kiosk desktop terminals.
ABC Security Protector 5.503 (2013-03-12)
Protect your PC and stop lowlevel access to it.
Security Administrator 14.0 (2013-03-12)
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.
Public PC Desktop 7.71 (2013-03-12)
Setup an Internet kiosk or a public access PC and disable access to vital files.
Network Security Protector 3.3 (2013-03-12)
The best network-based security software for public environment applications.
Easy Desktop Keeper 10.0 (2013-03-11)
Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layouts, wallpaper and screen saver.
File & Folder Protector 3.554 (2013-03-11)
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.
Disk Drive Security 10.0 (2013-03-11)
Hide and lock your local, network, Floppy and USB drives, disable the AutoRun.
Access Controller 3.314 (2013-03-11)
Desktop locking security utility to protect desktop when you are not near PC.
PC Security Tweaker 10.0 (2013-03-07)
PC security tweaking software you can use to tweak Windows-based computers.
Outlook Express Privacy 2.394 (2013-03-07)
Control access to Outlook Express, its email message database and address book.
Lock My Computer 10.0 (2013-03-06)
Desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers.
DVD Device Lock 3.03 (2013-03-05)
Hide or disable access to removable devices like CD, DVD, floppy, flash, USB.
File Access Scheduler 5.1292 (2013-03-05)
Protect your files from being executed, viewed, changed and deleted by schedule
File and Folder Privacy 3.594 (2013-03-05)
Password-protect and hide your files and folders with a click of your mouse.
Keystroke Recorder for Mac (2013-03-03)
Keystroke Recorder for Mac tool to trace entire internet activities of PC
Monitor Computer Activity 13.02.01 (2013-03-01)
Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a versatile tool to monitor employee desktops
InTouch Lock 3.7 (2013-02-28)
Restricts access to Internet, files, folders, programs, USB devices and more...

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